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I teach science and gardening at the largest high needs middle school in San Francisco. 

May 2023

Garden Infographic Posters

Students created infographic posters about the gardening topic of their choice. We really focused on blending art and science to present information in a clear and visually pleasing manor. 

April 2022

Ecosystem graphic novels

Students created a graphic novel about an ecosystem in a specific geographic region. They needed to include

  • What organisms are involved? 

  • What interactions take place? 

    • A food web

    • A trophic pyramid

  • What happens when it is distrubed? What disturbed it? 

  • What should be done to repair it?

December 2021

Geologic maps of SF 

Students created a large geologic earthquake map of San Francisco. They needed to include 

  • 1. Rock/soil types 

  • 2. Fault lines/plate boundaries 

  • 3. Bart lines 

  • 4. Residential+Commercial loss for a historic earthquake 

  •  A location (neighborhood or cross streets) they determinded would be the best place to put a new housing development

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