Bipes biporus is a two-armed "worm lizard" and is like the Loch Ness monster of Baja. When the herpetologist on the field excursion spotted him in the trap, she literally screamed in sheer joy and ran back to camp singing, “We caught a Bipes! This is my Malibu Barbie dream house!” The footage I took of this little critter brought on a tsunami of media attention. It can be seen in this video I created for BioGraphic, a National Geographic article, an IFLScience video, a Weather Channel video on their Rocket's Are Cool Facebook feed, and a Live Science article that ended up trending at the top of Reddit in late August 2017. It was also featured on the California Academy of Sciences feed. Here is a link to the BioGraphic video with Spanish subtitles.

I created the illustration, animation, and sound design for this video. The story is written and narrated by my good friend Diego Kusnir an SF based clinical psychologist who is partially blind. He talks about how his blindness impacts his dating life and sense of masculinity.

I created this video for CalWave, an engineering team at UC Berkeley. Wave energy could potentially generate 80,000 Terawatt hours of electricity each year. This would meet our global energy demand five times over. A seafloor carpet mimicking mud absorption in nature is one of the innovations tapping into this future energy source.

The first video in this channel is about the science and negotiations leading up to the Montreal Protocol, an international agreement banning CFC's (the chemical aerosol that created the ozone layer). The second video is on Nikola Tesla. 

This channel contains videos I made for various nonprofit organizations in Denver and the Bay Area.