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April 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Hello friends and family,

welcome to my April newsletter. I am experimenting with different delivery methods, content, and styles - so I appreciate your patience and support with this letter. I'm counting down the days until school gets out (9 weeks!). Half my classes are wonderful, and half are extremely challenging. I've been picking up about as many commissions as I can handle this past month, which is great (get them while they're hot!). I've been enjoying the process of drawing all day at the cafe Chris works on Saturdays, atmospheric river or shine.

April Artwork of the Month

I will be selling one finished piece every month.

This month's work is..."Gecko on Agave" in Sanguine and Indanthrene blue (9"x9") - $300

Click the 'CONTACT/PURCHASE' button below to purchase, first come - gets it.

Completed works

My largest canvas to date is finally complete! “The Red List: CR” (30”x22”).

This is an illustration of 20 critically endangered (CR) animals according to the ICUN. This piece is not for sale at this time.

March commissions

April Commissions are open!

Size options:

6"x4" - $150

6"x6" - $175

9"x9" - $225

9"x12" - $300

24"x14" - $1100

30"x22" - $1800

I have the capacity for 4-6 small-medium sized commissions per month or 1 large piece. If you're interested in purchasing a commission, contact me with preferences, if you have any, (animal subject matter, colors, size, and style) through this contact/purchase button

Color options: Choose 2 to 7 colors or allow me to make the decision.


"Pride in Nature" series. I completed this series mostly in Mexico City last summer, and then promptly lost the main notebook somewhere in Maryland. So I should name these, "The Lost Drawings". I call this style "Kaitlyn's animal impressions", this style is an option for future commissions.

Thanks for joining me in my artistic adventures! See you next month!

And if you can't wait, follow me on the internet of things...

If you found your way here and would like to join my mailing list, subscribe below!

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