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February Newsletter

Hello family and friends,

this month the amazing book on our changing oceans, "At Every Depth" by Eric Simons and Tessa Hill was published, with...drum roll chapter illustrations!

January work of the Month: "At Every Depth" Chapter Illustrations!

January Commissions are open! This month's commission special is rainbow animals, shown below

Throwback: Hand drawn infographic

Thanks for joining me in my artistic adventures! See you next month! Follow me on the internet of things...

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1 Comment

Steve Replogle
Steve Replogle
Feb 21

Dear Kaitlyn, It is so exciting to read about your book illustration. Congratulations! By way of suggestion, I know of some artists who sell copies of books they've illustrated, charging extra for a remarque, sketch, or other decoration. I wonder if you might want to pursue something like that? - Steve Replogle

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