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Kaitlyn's March Newsletter

Hello everyone,

The past month has been stressful, some might say it was due to the solar eclipse season, i would counter that it had more to do with a grade level field trip to pier 39 (also a boat ride around the Bay, and a tour of the Aquarium of the Bay), and two administrator's leaving my school site. But I can't forget, in late February actually, I took my 8th/7th grade gardening class to the Exploratorium where their 826 Valencia infographics hung on the wall of the Observatory.

January work of the Month: Celebrating my students at the exploratorium.

January Commissions are open! This month's commission is open to any style you've seen me do.

Throwback: "Salmon - A story from the Yurok" (9"x12")

Thanks for joining me in my artistic adventures! See you next month! Follow me on the internet of things...

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