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May 2023 Newsletter

Hello friends and family,

Welcome to my May newsletter. I'm counting down the days of the final 5 weeks of school. I'm also preparing for an educator's craft fair on May 10. I'll post more information about it on my social media, so if you're in the Bay Area, stay tuned!

May Artwork of the Month

I will be selling one finished piece every month.

This month's work is..."Parrot in green" (8"x6") - $150 + free shipping

Click the 'CONTACT/PURCHASE' button below to purchase, first come - gets it.

Completed works

“Iguana” (8”x6”).

This is one of the most detailed pieces I have completed so far.

Educator's craft fair - pieces so far

May Commissions are open!

This month's commission special is a 8"x6" piece in "Kaitlyn's animal impressions" style which can be seen above in the completed works section.


These were part of my creation myths series.

Thanks for joining me in my artistic adventures! See you next month!

And if you can't wait, follow me on the internet of things...

If you found your way here and would like to join my mailing list, subscribe below!

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