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November 2023 Newsletter

Happy November friends and family,

Last week I successfully completed a field trip to the Marine Mammal Center with the entire 7th grade class. No one got lost or injured, so I would say it was a success! Students took a tour of the center, spent time at Rodeo beach, and sketched a real life whale skeleton. I'm finally getting my artistic inclinations back. For halloween I made my 'kelp ecosystem' costume!

September work of the Month I don't have a finished artwork of the month this month, but I'm working on another kelp forest piece!

November Commissions are open! This month's commission special is a 8"x8" piece ($175) in rainbow patterns. Style can be seen below.


This is a piece I made for Chris.

Thanks for joining me in my artistic adventures! See you next month! Follow me on the internet of things... Instagram Tiktok Facebook If you found your way here and would like to join my mailing list, subscribe below!

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