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October 2023 Newsletter

Happy October everyone,

Fall is in the hair and the air. Our teacher's union might strike in the next few months, it's a little worrisome personally 1) because of the financial impacts, but 2) because we have a big field trip planned for our 7th grade science classes, to the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito early November. We're teaching a new curriculum called 'Ocean Ambassadors' where students engage in NGSS standards through learning about ocean science and marine mammal care at the center. Field trips are huge ordeals to plan but the overall cause if we "win" the strike, would be worth it.

September work of the Month I don't have a finished artwork of the month this month either. I'm in a rest and digest phase of artistic creativity. Xi got an upgrade on their enclosure though! So did Lari.

October Commissions are open! This month's commission special is a 6"x4" piece ($100) in, black and sanguine, the color combination can be seen in an example below.


A centipede I painted on the rooftop of an abandoned building overlooking the SF skyline.

Thanks for joining me in my artistic adventures! See you next month! Follow me on the internet of things... Instagram Tiktok Facebook If you found your way here and would like to join my mailing list, subscribe below!

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