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September 2023 Newsletter

Happy September friends,

Year three of teaching is going very very well. For the first time ever, I don't feel like I'm in fight or flight every moment of every day. I feel that the kids (and staff, and myself) are finally healing from lockdown, and that insane year afterwards. I'm teaching 4 sections of 7th grade science and 1 section of gardening (plus homeroom), and my kids are seriously lovely.

September Artwork of the Month

I don't have a finished artwork of the month this time around. Ever since school started, I haven't had a lot of excess creative energy, but I have been putting a lot of brain-space into taking care of my new little classroom critter, 'Xi'. Xi is a 'Vittikins dragon' a cross between a Rankins dragon and a Vitticeps bearded dragon. Their name is short for 'Xiaolong', the Chinese word for 'small dragon'. Xi is very sweet, very brave, and the perfect classroom pet. I had all the kids sign a contract and do an assignment on animal husbandry, and so far they have been nothing but curious and respectful.

September Commissions are open!

This month's commission special is a 8"x8" piece ($275) in, black, indathrene blue, and sanguine" the color combination can be seen in an example below.


This infographic was inspired by the 17 year periodical cicada awakening.

Thanks for joining me in my artistic adventures! See you next month!

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